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My Dad Could Fly: A Captain’s Journey

Michael Carrigan saw something in the sky that turned a small-town Southern boy who always had both feet firmly on the ground into the captain of a 300-ton flying machine. My father was born in Burlington, Kentucky, a rural backwater known more for horse breeding and antiques than jet pilots. He grew up surrounded by trees, tobacco farms (“one bite of one of them tobacco leaves and you wouldn’t make it to the hospital”) and loneliness. It’s hard to make friends with neighbor kids when there are

The Top 20 Trends in 2020

Each year sees its fair amount of trends, from the #icebucketchallenge to the dabbing gesture and planking in incongruous locations—and 2020 was no exception. But before we say goodbye to 2020 and usher in the new year, let’s take a look back on the most popular activities that kept people entertained. The team at Frontierbundles.com looked at the top hobbies and trends for 2020 and assembled the twenty most popular ones. Keep reading to find out which fads stood out this year. The team

The Most Popular Villains Determined by GIFs

While texting has dominated the digital communication world for over a decade, communicating via moving images or GIFs has taken a lead in how people talk to one another. And it’s not just silly images or heartwarming cartoons leading the way. Villians in the media are being used by people everywhere to get their point across. From Scar à la Lion King to Pennywise from IT, when it comes to scary GIFs, there’s no shortage of bad guys. So which spooky superstars take the cake for the most used GI

Your State’s Most-Googled Quarantine Hobbies

From knitting to binge-watching, what has your state been up to during lockdown? All dressed up with nowhere to go. That seems to be the situation most people are in during COVID-19. With many people home from work or working from home (and occasionally wrangling their kids), many of us have turned to hobbies to pass the time. If social media platforms are any indication, a lot of people have used their time at home to improve both their minds and bodies. The team at Go.Frontier decided to mak

Your Country’s Most Popular Female Superhero

The world is showing the love for HER in SUPERHEROES For a long time, we lived in a world that consisted of the might of Superman, the bravery of Batman, and the genius of Iron Man. But in recent years we’ve begun to see some new faces on the silver screen. Wonder Woman inspired us with her rope of truth, Supergirl blazed into our lives straight from Krypton, and characters such as X-Men’s Storm lit up the sky—and our imagination. Taking the world over in a mighty way, these super ladies ha

Most Searched ’90s Movies: International Edition - FrontierBundles Blog

Even though it’s been over three decades since we were in the 1990s, people still embrace that life is like a box of chocolates (you never know what you’re going to get), that your heart will go on, and raptors are “clever girls.” If you get these movie references, you may be a fan of that era’s biggest blockbusters. Think you’re alone in your love of ’90s movies? Well, the answer to that is a resounding no, because when it comes to VHS entertainment, these films are still the King of the Wo

COVID-19: What Frontier is Doing to Support Customers

Amidst the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, there are a lot of uncertainties floating around. At Frontier, we wanted to set your internet worries at ease and let you know we’re committed to keeping you connected, informed, and online. Frontier Communications is committed to keeping our customers connected with a stable network when they need it most. We monitor our broadband network 24×7, and are working to implement more capacity to serve increased demand. As always, Frontier does not hav

Most Popular Horror Movie Villains by State | FrontierBundles.com

It’s that time of year again—the leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes abound, ghosts and ghouls are popping up on porches, and we report what your state’s favorite horror villain is for the second time. We are ready to get our cozy on and thrill ourselves with a good scare, whether it’s by wandering through a haunted corn maze or streaming a good old fashioned horror fest. Villains like Jack Torrence and Chucky have been scaring us for more than two decades. And not only in our homes bu

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Stephen King Movies on DISH

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Stephen King Movies on DISH There’s an unspoken rule that after taking a solo trip to the basement and turning off the light, you must flee up the stairs before the unwelcome monster lurking in the shadows gets you. Who—or what—is responsible for cementing that quiet fear in all of us? One might say Pennywise or Wendigo (who made its Hollywood debut earlier this year with the remake of Pet Sematary), but the answer lies with the horror “King” himself. Stephen Kin

Overcoming a decades-long battle with UTIs

This is a guest post by Casey Shull, a Uqora customer. It was well past midnight when I woke up with the urge to go. I climbed out of bed and zombie-walked my way to the bathroom. Without flipping on the light, I sat down to relieve myself. Before I had even reached midstream I knew something was wrong. The all too familiar pain, followed by the smell, and then burning afterwards. I had yet another UTI. I popped a few OTC Pyridium and hoped the InstaCare wasn’t crowded in the morning. My sa

How to Encourage Employee Engagement in Remote Workers

“Out of sight, out of mind,” is a phrase you might use to assure yourself when the long-legged spider that was perched in the corner of your shower a few minutes ago has disappeared, and you hope it took advantage of the open window and fled the premises, rather than taking refuge in your polished work shoes. It could also be applied to the chef who didn’t realize until too late that they accidentally smothered a lemon-basted salmon, cooked to perfection, in ketchup rather than tartar sauce and

Top Five Remote Employee Motivation Problems

Motivation can sometimes be a hard characteristic to come by. You’d hope that the company you just ordered your new pair of matching his-and-her lederhosen would be motivated to send them to you in a timely manner. You’d hope that your dentist would be motivated to not find any cavities. And you’d like to feel confident that after thinly-veiled threats your neighbor would be motivated to stop feeding your cat bologna. Managers are among the top people in the world who have to worry about motivat

7 Life-Saving Tips About Stroke Prevention

These days, heart health and stroke prevention are on the minds of more than just the AARP cohort. Studies have made it clear that heart issues and stroke cross generational boundaries. Since 1995, stroke-related hospital visits have doubled for men in the 18-44 age bracket and risen as much as 44 percent in the 45-54 age bracket. What’s more, the sudden death of Luke Perry, who was only 52 when he died of a stroke recently, has made many people question their own vulnerability and ask, “What ca

How to Unify Global Offices with Corporate Language Training

As businesses take advantage of technology that enables them to work with team members across the globe, good communication is not only key but essential. With the influx of worldwide team members, language barriers can create a problem. Business news from the Houston Chronicle points out “one of the biggest effects of communication barriers in businesses is that it causes employees to fail to deliver on requested directives.” In fact, in a survey done by Forbes, 92% of business executives polle

Telepresence Robots Are Making Waves in Remote Work

The technological climate of the world today has often made people wonder, should we be threatened by our robotic advancements? Indeed many people have publicly stated that they fear mankind will soon be overthrown by the very robots we’ve built. Siri is often accused of being self-aware and only pretending to be a helpful, but more or less troublesome, virtual assistant. Just the other day, my friend was worried she heard something under her bed and rather than go look herself, she taped a knif

Success in the Virtual Boardroom

If a businessman in 1950 had announced to a boardroom that in 70 years it would be possible to invite people from all over the world to join in their meeting, simply by dialing a number, they would most likely have been laughed out of the company. But today’s virtual boardrooms are no laughing matter. According to Skype.com, the number of minutes spent on Skype calls within its first 10 years was in the trillions. Today’s numbers are even higher.

7 Management Hacks To Improve Employee Productivity

We’re all familiar with Spider-Man’s famous catchphrase: “With great power comes great responsibility.” However, his words no longer apply exclusively to the man who does whatever a spider can. With companies seeing a 13% increase in employee productivity when the people are happy, managers are discovering that they play a big part in that boost. So what can be done to improve your business environment and the productivity of the staff? Here are 7 Management Hacks you’ll need when you’re ready

Virtual Accountability: How One Company Is Changing Remote Work

There are very few things in life more aggravating than someone looking over your shoulder while you work. The creeping feeling of your personal space being violated and the status of your work being evaluated. At one point in my life, I had one coworker who was so particularly keen on this that it made me want to cover my monitor and stare meaningfully at her until she got the hint and departed. For those still feeling the effects of the “Big Brother” era, you may be surprised to hear that nowa

The Talented Developer Shortage Is a Lie

There is a saying that people often utter after firing yet another wait-staff member or their incompetent orthopedic surgeon: “good help is hard to find.” Usually, that phrase is used as an excuse for why that particular person is having trouble filling a vacant job position. In those cases, the saying is oftentimes accompanied by yet another: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Doing it yourself may be possible if you’re merely passing out hor ‘d oeuvres but when it comes to dev

How to Avoid Overwhelming Your Remote Worker

When you think of the word “overwhelm” you might (understandably) be tempted to immediately think of yourself. To visualize the amount of paperwork cascading out of your to-do box or the never-ending list on your fridge. Or the fact that your toddler is, at this very moment, painting all over the neighbor’s cat. Perhaps it calls to mind your college professor, the one who hasn’t distributed a graded assignment since last March. However, there are quite a few people you never want to see overwhel
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